Shipwright and carpenter specialising in wooded boats and wood constructions for the marine environment.

Location 51˚26'.74N  03˚09'.92W 

The Boat Chippy is a specialist boat carpenter called Steve based in Penarth Marina, Cardiff Bay, Wales. Over 25 years’ experience in wood boat repair, restoration and refit.
Perhaps you would like to commission a steam/electric launch or refit wood deck/interior to a GRP hull. Perhaps your just looking for advice regarding a classic boat purchase?
In either event you can call Steve on 07943 261738 and get the benefit of his 25 years’ experience in marine carpentry.

WHO WE ARE- Steve the boat chippy is a marine carpenter based in Penarth Marina in Cardiff Bay. He specialises in making good quality wooden boat repairs and restoration to vessels in Cardiff Bay. As a small business with low overheads we offer cheaper labour rates and greater expertise in wood repairs than most boat restoration competitors, so contact Steve for an estimate if you want value for money. See Services and Rates Page.

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WHAT WE DO- With over 25 years experience in wooden boat repairs and having been apprentice to one of the last master marine carpenter in Cardiff Bay Peter Rundle, we engage in both immediate repairs, long term rebuild projects and work on newly constructed craft. Whether you just need a thorough coat of the new polyurethane Coelan boat varnish or a full wooden bulkhead replacement, he's happy to help.

We also offer a Cardiff and South Wales boat painting service for steel, fibreglass, and wooden boats. Choose from brush or spray boat painting and two pack or single part paints and Boat Chippy will take care of the rest. Boat varnishing is something of a speciality of ours, too.

WHERE WE ARE- Based in Cardiff's Penarth Marina we have lower overheads than many boatyards in the South of England and its only 2 hours along the M4 from London or a short trip across the water from Bristol. Cardiff Bay is now non-tidal with a large modern lock onto the Severn estuary and offers pleasant day boating in the calm bay. It also offers some great day trips through the lock to secluded spots like the Severn Estuary Islands of Flatholm and Steepholm or over to Wachet marina or Porlock for a pint of Exmoor Cider. If your more interested in city locations the hotels and restaurants of Cardiff Bay offer plenty and Bristol is only as stones throw across the Severn.